The Board of Directors, who are all volunteers themselves, are always looking for Members to donate their time and particular skill set to enhancing the CSC for your Members and guest

There is a diverse range of volunteer roles available for all to show their skills.



  • Board of Directors
  • Sailing Committee- Class Captains
  • Protest Committee
  • Regatta Committee
  • Sailing Program Co-Ordinator
  • Saftey Committee
  • Start Boat Crew
  • Incident Oc-Ordinator
  • Dock Co-Ordinator
  • Handicappers
  • Tender Co-Ordinator
  • Crew Liaison Officer
  • New Member Liaison Officer
  • Membership Officer
  • Mooring Co-Ordinator
  • Hardstand Co-Ordinator
  • Boat Rack Co- Ordinator
  • Historian
  • Onshore Venue Maintenance-
  • Stocking the bar- Delivery
  • Volunteer Co- Ordinator
  • General Maintenance
  • Gardening around the club
  • Sunday Canteen
  • Regatta Canteen
  • Function Manager
  • Sustainability Officer
  • Merchandise Co=Ordinator
  • Progress- Future Development Committee
  • Support Boat Co-Ordinator- Maintain all support boats 
  • Club Dinghy Officer- Maintain all club owned boats
  • Website and Social Media Officer
  • Document & Policy Writer
  • Grant Officer
  • Social Committee/ Officer

Feel you would like to add your talents and a task or just a part of the task please contact the club. Every little bit helps.  If you see an area not on the list and would like help with. Please let us know.