We all race for the pleasure, the comradery, and the glory of winning the occasional sheep station.

None of us will admit it, but we all love the series points that go with a race-day win. Heaven forbid, I’m told some of us even follow the series' accumulative point scores!

So, as an initiative to strengthen racing boat numbers, CSC would like to explore the opportunities to reinvigorate race day and end-of-season prizes funded through sponsorship.

We are not talking about signage splattered all over our clubhouse walls, but why not sponsor banners or a sponsor flag flying on sponsored race days? Maybe weekly and/or seasonal series naming rights? We are also keen to look at ‘Masinsheet’ advertising like we did in the olden days. Maybe linking our sponsor’s details on the CSC website, program, and white book, where does it end?

We are talking about setting up meaningful relationships between CSC and sponsors that last into the future, We are talking about both yacht and dinghy fleets for Winter 2023 and Season 2023/2024.

The prizes that this sponsorship generates might simply be in the form of CSC apparel such as shirts, caps, buffs? or CSC merchandise such as stubby holders, and mugs? or those embossed middy glasses. We had a few years ago.

Series prizes might be embroidered yacht and dinghy sailing jackets, or other substantial apparel items, how about a year’s insurance, redeemable sail, rigging/tuning, boat maintenance or sailing industry vouchers?

But feel free to think bigger.

I’m pretty sure that if we think big, the membership and boats will come! OK, I’ve got your attention, chat with Pete Van Ryn with any thoughts or offers. This venture is however more than your RC: yachts can commit to alone, we will require the assistance of one or more Promotions Officers (or you choose a funkier title) to work with the sailing committee to coordinate the event branding and prize accumulation. If you have some enthusiasm and/or expertise you can contribute, please without delay make contact petevr@oldsea.com.au