This year we are holding the saftey day on the 24th August starting at 8.30am. 

With the safety inspections planned for Saturday 24th Sep.

We are asking all skippers to have their fire extinguishers that need to be inspected at the club by 9am with your name and the payment.

You will then be able to collect them at the end of the day. This is so the Fire Inspecition man is no hanging around all day.

If you have problems please contact Terry Strudwick on 0425217055

You can download your forms on the below link.

Please fill in your form and have it ready of the safety inspectors to start the check straigh away for you.

We would love to get as many of the club boats requiring a new safety certificate completed on the day.


Any questions please contact Terry Strudwick 0425217055 or email 


Safety Documents- Click Here