Regatta Wrap

Champagne sailing conditions for day one of the NSW VX One State Championship. 15-20 kts of sea breeze on the open waters off Cronulla Sailing Club gave the fleet both a challenge and some sensational rides. 

The outgoing tide against the wind, made it a steep, bumpy and wet uphill, fast and tricky down breeze. RO Tim MacGilvray, from Cronulla, ran four brilliant, 30-minute races, in quick succession. 
The race honours were shared between Dollop AUS319 and Crouching Tiger Hidden Pillow AUS320. All shared beers on the dock. 
A southerly change overnight made the conditions very different on Sunday. Squalls in the morning thankfully eased off, and the fleet was able to get two races done inside the estuary. The breeze swung 35 degrees left as we started and another 20 degrees before we finished the second race. So it was tricky. The Beast4 AUS244 harassed Dollop and Pillow to make it great racing. Dollop and Pillow again shared the honours at the end of the day. 
Congratulations also to the Cronulla team of Clinton Hood, Marty Janes and John Hume on Wissel AUS242 on such an excellent job in their first regatta.
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Thank you to Cronulla for being such wonderful hosts, to Adventures of a Sailor Pil for recording the action 
on day one and to champ Marty's work behind the scenes to make it all happen. It is excellent to know that Cronulla enjoys the company of the VX Fleet as much as we like going there. We hope to see a few VXs on the CSC hardstand next season.
Rob Douglas

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