The Board would like to bring to your attention a proposal by the Royal Motor Yacht Club to extend their marina into Gunnamatta Bay.

Whilst in principle the Board does not object to the Royal Motor Yacht Club expanding their marina facilities, we do have significant concerns about it extending further into Gunnamatta Bay, alienating what is actively used public recreational waterway for the exclusive purposes of mooring private vessels.

Cronulla Sailing Club has operated a registered sailing course on Gunnamatta Bay since the 1960’s. The Club, and its members, operate a range of active recreational activities on Gunnamatta Bay including:

  • Sailability (an organised disability sailing programme run out of Cronulla Sailing Club),
  • Junior sail training,
  • Dinghy racing,
  • Sail board racing,
  • Keel boat racing,
  • Social twilight racing.

There is no alternative safe waterway to Gunnamatta Bay for Cronulla Sailing Club to provide the Sailability and junior sail training activities. These activities are provided by the Club to the community at no cost to the community as part of our charter to promote active recreational sailing.

Details on the development can be found here:$P1.ETR.APPDET.VIW&ApplicationId=MA21%2f0070

The board invites our club members to review the proposal and, if considered appropriate, make a submission to the council for their consideration.

Submissions can be made here and are due by the 3rd May 2021.

If you chose to make a submission, the key points for consideration are set out below:

  • Appropriate allocation of actively used public waterway for exclusive passive private purposes
  • Existing long-term ongoing use of the waterway as a registered sailing course actively used by Sailability, Junior Sail Training, Junior Dinghy and Twilight Racing
  • Previous decisions of Council and the Land and Environment Court determined that alienating public land for private use was not in the public interest.
  • Gunnamatta Bay already burdened by too many moorings, this makes it worse, there is available mooring space in Burraneer Bay

The proposal is not consistent with the objectives of the Sutherland LEP.