Reminder to all skippers that race fees need to be paid 2 weeks prior to the first race that menas fees must be paid by the 6th September  to get a result.

There will be no grace period this year so get your race fees paid ASAP. This will allow the handicappers time to set up the series with the correct boats.

Safety must also be received by the sailing secretary by Friday the 6th Sep to gain points in the first race.

The list of all boat eligable to get a result listed below. If you have had your safety done please let me know.

 AS At 1.16pm 5/9/19

Member Add-on Boat Name Safety Race Fees
Eason, Jeff Race Fee-Cruising Div Offshore Cutloose   Yes
Fielder, Peter Race Fee-Cruising Div- Inshore Midnight Magic   Yes
Pilc, Adam Race Fee-Cruising Div- Inshore Hazar   Yes
Evans, Brian Race Fee-Cruising Div Offshore Flashdance   Yes
MacGillivray, Timothy Race Fee-Cruising Div Lady Jane   Yes
Sinclair, Paula Race Fee-Cruising Div- Inshore Impulsive Yes Yes
Melia, Burke Race Fee-Etchells No Mercy   Yes
Baldwin, David Race Fee-Etchells Volante   Yes
O'Rourke, Steve Race Fee-Etchells Panth   Yes
Mann, Robert Race Fee-Etchells Lucy   Yes
Slater, Rohan Race Fee-Etchells Fatel Attraction Yes Yes
Keane, Jeff Race Fee-Inshore Div 1 Knockabout Yes Yes
Kelly, Paul Race Fee-Inshore Div 1 Blewaway Yes Yes
McKay, Bruce Race Fee-Inshore Div 1 Wasabi LT   Yes
COLLINS, Martin Race Fee-Inshore Div 1 Lap of the Gods Yes Yes
SMITH, Glenn Race Fee-Inshore Div 1 Steadfast   Yes
Brand, Greg Race Fee-Inshore Div 1 BrandX Yes Yes
Merfield, Chris Race Fee-Inshore Div 1 Tru Zulu Yes Yes
Arendsen, Hendrik Race Fee-Inshore Div 1 Miss Behavin' Yes Yes
BRAN, Chris Race Fee-Inshore Div 1 Brannew Yes Yes
McKay, David Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 Stamped Urgent Yes Yes
McKay, David Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 McKay Marine Yes  
Edwards, Peter Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 Wood Duck Yes Yes
Campbell, Fiona Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 El Fideldo Yes Yes
Arnold, Suzanne Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 Sail Mates Yes Yes
Wright, Stephen Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 Tinto Yes Yes
Landers, Tony Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 Jargon   Yes
Sellars, Max Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 Only A Journey   Yes
Holst, Jon Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 Vudu Xpresso   Yes
Croucher, Robert Race Fee-Inshore Div 2 Red Riding   Yes
SMIT, Paul Race Fee-Multihull Viento Yes Yes
SMIT, Paul Race Fee-Multihull Frisky Too Yes  
Degan, Paul Race Fee-Multihull 2XL Yes Yes
BOOTH, Paul Race Fee-Multihull Juggernaut   Yes
Barnes, Russell Race Fee-Non Spinnaker Div Endless Summer   Yes
Tregea, John Race Fee-Non Spinnaker Div Kai-Lag   Yes
SAUNDERS, Barry Race Fee-Non Spinnaker Div Karma Wins   Yes
Van Ryn, Peter Race Fee-Offshore Sea Hawk Yes Yes
BUCHAN, Warren Race Fee-Offshore Colortile Yes Yes
Francis, Rob Race Fee-Offshore The Banshee Yes No
Taylor, Warwick Race Fee-Offshore Airstream   Yes