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Firstly thank you for supporting the J24 Winter Championships.


This year we have 10 entries as listed below:


1.Jargon                      AUS1642      Jared Macquart

2.Innamincka            AUS4793       John Crawford

3.Tinto                        AUS5386      Steve Wright

4.El Fideldo                AUS4859      Clinton Hood

5.Stamped Urgent    AUS4475      David Mckay

6.Mckay Marine        AUS1317      Julie Castle

7.Slippery                    AUS1646     David Luck

8.Ace                            AUS4801     David West

9.Wildfire                    AUS5058     Ron Thomson

10.Wood Duck            AUS4791     Peter Edwards


Looking at the boats we have a range of crews who have travelled to the world’s last year, traveling to the worlds this year, mates who have chartered a boat looking for something after a Skate, a daughter looking to again beat her dad and a past World Champion, still celebrating!!! Plus State and club champions living the dream!


The club will be open early Saturday morning is you’d like to be present to set up etc. The crew briefing is planned for 1000 with BBQs after racing each evening. Possibly more important than the sailing.


All information on the Championships will and is posted to the J24 Australia website, please follow the link.


Attached are the NOR and SI’s, I will post the SI’s on Wednesday evening.


Anyway, if there’s any particular question I can assist with please don’t hesitate to contact me direct, and again thanks for either jumping on-board or staying with us.

2019 J24 Winter Championships - NOR.pdf

2019 J24 Winter Championships - SIs.pdf

J24 Southern Sydney Fleet