Event Details

1.9 Normal Entry fee: $500.00 (excludes Sunday Presentation Function)
1.10 Late Entry fee: $600.00

ENTRY J24 National Championships 2023

Results and Entrants J24 National Championship

Event ONB

Onboard Crew Declaration

JOB LIST J24 Nationals

Entrant list as at 4.1.23

1.20 Twelve races are scheduled over four days.
1.21 The Australian Championship trophy will be awarded to the boat with the best overall One Design (scratch) results.
Performance Handicap System (PHS) results will be awarded by application of the Time Correction Factor (TCF) as described in NOR 14, 

The schedule is as follows.

Day Date Time Event
Wednesday December 28 1700 Entries Close
Wednesday January 4 2023 1000 Late Entries Close
    1200-1900 Registration, Measurement, Weigh in
    1900 CSC crane launching close
Thursday January 5 2023 0830-0930 Registration, Weigh in
    0930 Competitor briefing, including mandatory safety briefing
    1155 First warning signal
    TBA Social Function at CSC after racing
Friday January 6 2023 1155 First warning signal
Saturday January 7 2023 0900 J24 Australian AGM
    1155 First warning signal
Sunday January 8 2023 1155 First warning signal
    TBA Presentation function after Sunday racing
  • Key Contact Details follow:
    • Fiona Campbell J24 SSF Secretary (Registration)      0417 264 827
    • Steve Wright J24 National President                        0438 327 012
    • Pete Van Ryn CSC Rear Commodore: Yachts             0419 523 222
    • Bronwyn Elford CSC Secretary                                 secretary@cronullasc.com






2023 World Championship Qualification


It is understood there is considerable interest from J24 members to participate in the 2023 World Championships in Thessaloniki, Greece. In accordance with the IJCA rules and requirements, the J24 National Committee (NJCA) wishes to clarify the process for allowing nominations for selection to this event.

The J24 National Committee will use the 2023 Australian Championships to determine the eligibility for selection to the 2023 World J24 Championships. The J24 National Committee has gained approval from the IJCA Executive Committee to hold this qualifying event in the same calendar year as the World Championships.

The National Committee has determined Australia is entitled to 8 places at the World Championships in accordance with IJCA Regatta Regulations for World Championships. Helmspersons must be nominated by their NJCA and be registered members of the NJCA of the country they represent.

Under rule 18.6d, an invitation to participate in the World Championships will also be provided to the current National Champion, Steve Wright, as an automatic qualifier. This invitation cannot be passed to another helmsperson and is not counted in the eight above.

Additional spaces are available for one all-female crew and one for an under 25 years crew. (All youth crew members shall be under 25 years of age on the first day of World Championship racing.) The National Committee will use its discretion for entry should an all-female and/or under 25 years crew wish to be nominated for selection and not finish in the top 12.

The qualifying helmsperson is the person who starts, finishes, and steers in all races in the qualifying event. Invitations to participate in the World Championships will be provided to the helmspersons of the first eight scratch placings in the 2023 Australian Championships. If the nominated helmsperson is unable to attend the World Championships, the qualification place will be passed to the next helmsperson until all eight nominations are filled. Unless special circumstances prevail, these nominations will be available down to the 12th placing in the qualifying event.

To be fair to all members, all nominated helmspersons are required to provide a deposit of $1000 to be placed in trust within six weeks of the completion of the Australian Championships. This deposit will be refunded to the helmsperson only on their entry to the 2023 World Championships. In the event that the helmsperson decides they will be unable to attend the World Championship by March 30 2023, a formal written notification is to be provided to the J24 National Committee. It will be at the discretion of that Committee to determine if the deposit is to be refunded.

In the event that the nominated helmsperson decides not to go after March 31 2023, this deposit will be forfeited and go to the next available skipper wanting to go (who will be starting with a time and financial disadvantage for accommodation, boat charter etc.) Should there not be another helmsperson wanting to go by April 30, 2023, the deposit will be returned to the original helmsperson. Unallocated returned deposits will be shared between nominated helmspersons deciding not to go.