Harbour Weekend 19th & 20th March

Weekend Details


The race to the Harbour has been run and won



1st Flashdance II

2nd The Banshee

3Rd Seahawk


Inshore Div1

1st Brannew

2Nd Knockabout

3 Kitrunner

Full results to the website soon.

G’day Skippers,

As agreed by skippers at the 2021 skippers meeting, CSC programmed shows Offshore, Inshore1 and Cruising divisions all participating in the Harbour Weekend in two point score races, this coming weekend 19th and 20th March, 2022.

The long-range weather is looking favourable, and it is great to see we have 10 boats entered across all three divisions..

Ambush  Chris Merfield   - Inshore1

Kiterunner    John Zagame -  Inshore1

BrandX          Greg Brand        Inshore1        advised PVR their pen is sorted.

Miss Behavin    Rik Arendsen  Cruising                advised PVR their pen is sorted.

Brandnew        Chris Bran        Inshore1        is parking in the pond.

The Banshee     Corinne Feldmann   Offshore

Sea Hawk        Pete Van Ryn            Offshore        advised PVR their pen is sorted.

Flashdance      Brian Evans             Offshore        advised PVR their pen is sorted.

Cutloose        Jeff Eason     Inshore1

Knockabout      Jeff Keane  Inshore1


All skippers are again reminded that CYCA Marina require us complete a visiting yacht Registration form.

This is an online form and can be found here..


Please complete all fields and lodge the form with CYCA straight away if you have not done so.

Once you have submitted your visiting yacht registration form CYCA Marina will email you with pen details, marina map and visiting vessel terms.

Once returned to CYCA, please email me at petevr@oldsea.com.au to confirm you have completed this task.


Traditionally, Saturday’s courses were 53 for Offshore1 and 30 for other divisions, and coming home on Sunday either course 27 or 25 for all divisions depending on conditions.

Please make yourself familiar with these courses beforehand. Courses will be confirmed on the water at the start.

Note we all start both days together.


Please have your radio tuned to channel 73 for the start both days as instruction may be broadcast.

This is a longer passage for our fleet’s smaller yachts, keep an eye out for each other, please keep a radio watch on channel 73 for the during of our passages.

Please remember it is mandatory to complete your ONBOARD crew list both days.


Both Harbour Weekend days (as with all Short Ocean series races) each yacht must record her own finishing time.

We need the skippers to take their own times as they finish. ( Handicapper asks for EDST, not elapsed time) then SMS to John Zagame on 0490047912.

John needs us all on the same page, please send John your Easter Daylight Savings Time by text ASAP after dropping your sails.


Upon completion of your visitors registration, all registered boats will be allotted a pen by CYCA Marina.

CYCA facilities including bar, bistro, restaurant and showers, etc.

Note you need ID to sign in through their front doors on the north side to access the facilities.

Edgecliffe Station is within walking distance for those heading home.

Heads up, the CSC ice machine in the club is broken. BYO ice.

Sunday tender service is a work in progress.

Contact me via email or 0419 523 222 if you have any questions.


Pete Van Ryn.

CSC RC:yachts


After many years we are heading to the Harbour for an over night stay and return .

Start time Saturday 19th 1200 Course 53 TBC

Start Time Sunday 20th 1100 Course 27 TBC

All racing must have cat 4 saftey 

Don't have cat 4 join the fleet cruising in company for the weekend away.

All boats are looksing for crew either to the Harbour or home. 

Easy access to or from CYCA from edgcliff station. 

Contact Pete V for details 0419523222