We have 2 club members competing at this year's Etchell world titles. 1 coach and 1 competitor

Tiana and Nev Whitty.

Final result

2nd in the Female division

34 overall,

16th in the Senior Division

24th in the Master division and fantastic effort 

Results and Images below

What a day! 28/9/17
1435 lost her Jib Halyard on the 2nd beat sensibly used Spinnaker halyard for remaining legs for Jib and spiit
Between races 3 and 4 Tiana climbed the mast to retrieve the wayward halyard 
Really tough enterprise!
Careful steering and Marcus and Seve on the Spi halyard aided T's climb
Frustrating to watch as I had T's climbing harness in the coach boat
However rules are rules and I was not permitted to assist.....
Really well done T!