VX's will be at CSC this Friday, Saturday and Sunday

it's often hard to find a second hand VX One, this is becasue they are such an awesome boat and people don't want to give them up.  Many of the second hand boats that enter the market are through existing members upgrading, not because they need to, but through a passion for the class and desire to build the fleet.

New boats are shipped to Aus from Mackay Boats in New Zealand regularly and are often already spoken for, so don't delay when the opportunity is there!

Get in touch to discuss the options

All boats come complete with spars, foils, running rigging and trailer, pricing varies depending on import costs and exchange rates.  Contact your preferred sail maker to finish her off, a local sign writer to dress her up, and a cover to protect your investment.   Generally you could expect to pay somehing between $45k to $55k depending on the options you choose, and it's well worth it.

If you have 3 club mates who all want boats, then it may be possible to ship them direct to a local port or transport them all together in the original shipping container.

If you are looking at this page then you have most likely sailed one or have a good understanding of the boat and what you want, the VX One, a one design exciting and accessible class, a fantastic boat with some exhilerating and competitive one design fleet racing.  

Join us in your new VX One!