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The release of the 2017 Racing Rules of Sailing will usher in the biggest change to the Blue Book since its first issue in 1969.

The rules will be available online free of charge and will not be produced in a hard copy format.

The project explored various electronic options and a decision was made for the Racing Rules of Sailing with Australian Sailing Prescriptions, and the Special Regulations Parts 1 and 2, to be made available as:

  1. eBook for Kindle; Apple and Android app compatible
  2. Viewable in a web browser, and
  3. Downloadable as a PDF file; freely printable

The release will be broken into two publications of separate sets of rules:

  1. Racing Rules of Sailing with Australian Sailing Prescriptions (applicable from 1 Jan 2017 and published on the Australian Sailing website in November 2016)
  2. Australian Sailing Special Regulations (applicable from 1 July 2017 and published on the Australian Sailing website in May 2017)

Design work is underway to ensure all rules and regulations are searchable, and that the index and all references to rules and regulations are properly linked.

Race Officials can already access the current Racing Rules of Sailing and Special Regulations online at no cost. These can be found at:

  1. Racing Rules of Sailing:
  2. Special Regulations for Racing Boats:
  3. Special Regulations for Off the Beach Boats:

The only difference with future versions is that there will be no hard copy for sale in retail outlets. The PDF files will be unrestricted and sections can be printed at the user’s discretion.