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20-21 Cruising

Hosted By Cronulla Sailing Club

Race 7   (2/13/2021) 

Updated:  2/13/2021  3:22:41 PM

PHS results
Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper Elapsd AHC Cor'd T BCH
1 M101 MIDNIGHT MAGIC Peter Fielder 01:29:43 0.913 01:21:55 0.913
2 6647 MISBEHAVIN Rick Arendsen 01:32:11 0.892 01:22:14 0.889
DNC 2 PIECES 11 Let Know   0.987    
DNC 4786 LAP OF THE GODS Martin & Mel Collins   0.870    
DNC MHYC77 SEVENTY SEVEN James Ley   0.787    
DNC PH3200 STEADFAST Glenn Smith   0.894    
DNC PH3850 ENDLESS SUMMER Russel Barnes   0.873    

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