As At 13/10/17

 If you need to have a safety audit processed on your boat please contact one of the saftey officers prior to the first race. NOT on race day.

Only boats with current safety Certificates and paid race fees will be provided race results.

Boat Name Divison Race Fees paid
Safety Completed
The Banshee Offshore Yes Yes
Golden Era - Holland 30 PH20 Offshore Yes Yes
Sea Hawk Offshore Yes Yes
Colortile - sayer 44 67 Offshore Yes Yes
Viento Multilhull Yes Yes
AllyCat Multilhull Yes No
Wild Goose Multilhull Yes Yes
Juggernaut - Multihull N107 Multilhull Yes Yes
Eat Dessert First- Corsair Sprint 750 750 Multilhull Yes Yes
Vudu XpressO Inshore -Div 2 Yes No
Fun Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Vertigo Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Hoodares- Hood 23 PH23 Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Stockcar Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Wavecutter II Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Slippery Fish Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Red Riding Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Sailmates- J24 AUS95 Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Jargon - J24 AUS094 Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Only a Journey Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Boudicca- J24 AUS135 Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Wood Duck - J24 Inshore -Div 2 Yes Yes
Sarsala Inshore - Div 1 Yes Yes
Endless Summer- Hanse 385 PH3850 Inshore - Div 1 Yes Yes
Brannew - Farr 30 9997 Inshore - Div 1 Yes Yes
BrandX- Hick35 PR33 Inshore - Div 1 Yes Yes
Ice Doctor- Tyco - Half Ton Yacht 2064 Inshore - Div 1 Yes No
Blew Away - Eureka 10.4 Sports 6515 Inshore - Div 1 Yes Yes
Steadfast Inshore - Div 1 Yes Yes
Panther New Inshore- Div 1 Yes No
Midnight Magic Crusing Yes Yes
Huzar 28 - Day Racer 6853 Non - Spinnaker Yes No
Somewhere Non - Spinnaker Yes No
Lucy Etchells Yes Yes
Fatal Attraction- Etchell AUS830 Etchells Yes Yes
Panther Etchells Yes Yes
No Mercey Etchells Yes Yes