Adventure Sailing

The CSC Discover Sailing Centre is pleased to welcome you to our Adventure - Dates to be advised Sailing Program. This eight week program conducted each Sunday that will include a variety of sailing activities that are focused on encouraging youth sailors to participate in sailing in a social non-competitive environment. 

All dedicated sailing equipment will be supplied during participation in the course although youth may participate with their own boats.

Course Dates


Dates and times to be advised


Expression of interest – email

Course Cost

The term costs of the program is:

  • $200 when using the club’s boats, or
  • $40 if you are using your own boat.

Course Overview

The Clubs Adventure Sailing Program is developed in line with Australian Sailing’s Out There Sailing Program that is designed for youth that want to participate in sailing in a non-competitive, social and fun setting.

Within the program youth experience a variety of different boats and participate in a range of different activities with the intent of allowing them to try something new and different.

The primary purpose of the program is to encourage youth who are not interested in traditional sailing races and events to participate in a range of different activities for the love of sailing, not for competition.

Within the program youth are encouraged to develop friendships or have their friends join the program to encourage socialization, a sense of adventure and getting out by participating in a group activity.

The program includes activities, games and social races in a fun environment.

Course Prerequisites

  • At least 8 years of age.
  • Be able to swim 50 meters unassisted.
  • Completed stage 1 & 2 courses.
  • Be a club member.

Important information

  • While supervision will be provided as part of the training program, ultimate responsibility for your child will be each parent’s responsibility and accordingly a parent or representative will need to be within close proximity in the event of an emergency.